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A personal approach is valuable

Sternou Capital locates investment opportunities, then follows them over time to track performance and perform due diligence in order to participate actively. 


Data driven Portfolio Management

Since 2019, our Switzerland-based Firm has been using years of experience and a huge network to make trading decisions. As experienced investors, our professional team understands that every trade we enter has unique properties and we adjust our strategy accordingly. We’re proud of the opportunities we’ve successfully located and profited from. 


We believe in market economy


Investing for a sustainable future for all of us

Having travelled the planet since the 1970´s we possess a healthy perspective on how we used to do things around the world, how we still do them and how we should strive to do them differently on a daily basis. It is an amazing world that we have created, not to say impressive. And with that has come the responsibility of the flip side of the coin. Market economy and capitalism, that has driven evolution for centuries, has continuously in large been target for the unfortunate environmental issues that we struggle with in one or the other format.   

In a broader perspective, not including the non human made planetary climate cycles, we believe that growing population numbers and accumulated consumption derived from partly old school globalization, production, transportation, consumption and life style patterns - is a major influencer to the planet, all living beings and organisms, their welfare and longevity.  


Having been part of this universe for decades, and fortunately still are, we are no better than most other institutions and individuals. And though we follow the present code of being environmentally conscious, we recognize the urgent need for change and the fact that current efforts are not enough to turn the dial.

Technology, innovation and willingness to change is of upmost essence. We need to change faster than ever before. We believe that market economy, capitalism and advanced human adaptability will be the best human advocate to drive this very overdue creation of a better and more sustainable world for all of us. We at Sternou Capital therefore support change with actual change makers. That being major corporations, small enterprises and ground braking startups that has a fair chance of contributing to a better and more sustainable future for all. This change is needed and wanted for our family and is aligned with the need of billions of people across the world. 

We care about the planet



6962 Lugano, Ticino 


Lugano, Switzerland

+41 22 554 8143

Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 77 34 19 15

Miami, FL, United States

+1 305 395 3249

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Our commitment is our family´s future

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