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Investment Monitoring

Achieving Financial Goals


Sternou Capital locates investment companies as well as individual projects and follows them over time.


We benchmark with the general market globally as well as locally, and make timely decisions, which is a valuable dynamic. 

  1. Fixed-income asset class:

    One of the most popular investment options among many, the fixed income asset class is one of the oldest forms of investment. It includes corporate and government bonds, corporate debt securities, money market instruments, etc. Such asset class typically invest in debt securities that endeavor to pay investors interest until maturity.

  2. Equity asset class:

    Equity or stock are shares of ownership issued by companies. Equity has gained popularity over the last decade. Equity funds are further sub-categorized into small-cap funds, mid-cap funds, large-cap funds, large and mid-cap funds, multi-cap funds, dividend yield funds, thematic funds, contra funds, value funds, focused funds, sectoral funds, and Equity-linked Savings Schemes etc..

  3. Real estate asset class:

    This asset class focuses on apartments, plots, industrial areas, villas, commercial buildings, etc. The tangibility of real estate investments is a crucial characteristic and makes it different from securities that exist only in virtual or dematerialized forms.

  4. Cash and cash equivalents asset class:

    Cash and cash equivalents are suited for short-term investing. The primary advantage of such investments is their liquidity. Cash equivalents, such as money market instruments, commercial papers, treasury bills, etc., are highly liquid instruments with maturity upto 1 year. Thus, money invested in cash and cash equivalents is easily accessible.

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Locating performance globally

In dept due diligence

Tracking over time

Initial investment placement

Exit and payout

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